Book Review: Pride & Prejudice

Just so well written, it takes your breath away. So, a confession: I've never read it before - I know, sue me - as I assumed it was just "for the ladies" and would be all kinds of boring. Boy, was I wrong. Great characters, lots of hilarious conversations, and a story that's achingly drawn out just enough to make the "match" feel more deserved and rewarding in the end. I had a few quibbles, but it's more with the style of the book: I found the lack of character and location descriptions baffling. We really are only given physical descriptions of a few people and locations, yet she describes Pemberly in detail. I had trouble keeping a lot of the young ladies as we aren't given a lot to distinguish between them--and they're all "Miss Bennet." Crikies! But overall an outstanding story. 

Another confession: I wouldn't have read this without seeing "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" because I'm on a Lily James kick right now. The movie was a HOOT and played 100% serious, so if you want another take on this classic story, check out the movie. It's got some goofy bits, of course, but it got me to read this book after putting it off for decades, so that's a good thing, right? ANYWAY it was delightful to go back and read the source material. And like I said, I'm watching all the Lily James movies I can (she's pretty), so next up is the Potato Peel Pie book. The film (also starring Lily James, shocker) was excellent. 

This book is so well done, it's really a shame Jane Austen wasn't recognized in her lifetime. I'll need to catch up and read some of her other works.