*UPDATE* There’s a new version of this book in the works!! I’ve spent the last three years working on an update with completely re-written text and a new cover. And I had it professionally edited! The story’s the same but it reads much better—I cut nearly 50,000 words and tightened everything. Stay tuned for updates!!

Black Bird

Description: Jack Terrington has an aptitude for getting away with murder. He’s been doing it for twenty years. He’s a drifter, leaving a trail of fear and death from coast to coast. And though he's always avoided capture, he's haunted by the memory of the sheriff of Liberty, Virginia — Jack had escaped him only by dumb luck...

Details: Fiction, published by Lulu Press, Sept. 2010. Paperback: 570 pages, 2nd Edition. Kindle version: ASIN B004K1EVQ4. Other Links: Lulu, Barnes and NobleShelfari

Amazon Ratings: 

3.8 out of 5 on 29 reviews (as of 2/17/19)  



“This was the most disturbing book I have ever read. If you enjoy reading about serial killers this is the book for you. “Black Bird” is not just a thriller, but more like a manifesto of an intense character. It is an unforgettable read…there is an interesting bit of the mystical throughout the story, involving a blackbird and later a whole flock of various bird species. This added a nice touch to the otherwise dark and troubling plot…Greg Enslen is a mastermind at characterization. You will not soon forget this book.””  (full review)

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Other Reviews:

FIVE STARS - We all know that evil exists and Mr. Enslen captures it in this exciting thriller about serial killer Jack Terrington. Jack is a prolific killer that has traveled the country from coast to coast torturing and killing men, women and children without care or fear...This is a psychologically thrilling book and not for the feint of heart. Parts are detailed and gruesome and make the reader realize that true evil does exist but that most of us are lucky enough never to be touched by it and pray that we never will. We are rewarded by the fact that good does trump evil. I could not put this book down and highly recommend it. This is another worthy effort of a very fine author.
— Amazon reviewer Dee Denbleyker (4/14/14)
FIVE STARS - Black Bird is a great read. The characters are extremely well developed. It is a disturbing and suspenseful thriller. I can totally see a movie being made based on this book. Definitely a must read. Looking forward to more from Mr. Enslen.
— Amazon Reviewer Lisa (11/6/13)
FIVE STARS - This book was a great read! I couldn’t put it down. Suspenseful, dark in places but enjoyable. It was the second book by this author that I recently read and am looking forward to the next one. Nice job Greg.
— Amazon Reviewer Tall Tree (10/18/13)