My Interview with "The Fussy Librarian"

Authors' tips for gaining more reviews

From "The Fussy Librarian," May 29, 2018:

"No one has to convince you that reviews are absolutely essential to your marketing game. But once you’ve pressed your family and friends into leaving reviews – hopefully good ones – what’s the next step? We turned to two authors with some impressive review numbers, to better answer that question.

Greg Enslen is the author of twenty-four books, the most popular of which has over 1,600 reviews on Amazon. He recommends using book promotion sites (disclosure: yes, he uses us, but he uses other sources as well) on a regular, active basis.

“In my experiences, for every hundred copies of book sold or given away, I get one review,” Enslen says. “So, like Letterman used to say, it's all about volume.”

Maybe you can’t use a marketing service, for whatever reason. If you have a solid email newsletter list, then Enslen suggests sending out a request to those subscribers to read and review your work. You don’t even necessarily need that list, though, just a few names. “Ask your best readers to review everything you write,” he says."