Game of Thrones: A Binge Guide to Season One

My latest...a guide to the first season of Game of Thrones for people who haven't read the books--and don't want to! Recaps, characters, locations, quotes and interesting trivia make watching GoT that much more fun--and it DOESN'T SPOIL future seasons! Yeah!

Here's the information from Amazon: "Game of Thrones: A Binge Guide to Season One" is an unofficial viewer’s guide to HBO’s award-winning television epic, written for viewers who have not read the George R. R. Martin books and don't want to. This season-specific binge guide will get you through Season One with a minimum of fuss and NO SPOILERS of future seasons, answering questions and pointing out interested information without getting bogged down in details from the books. Now you can just watch "Game of Thrones" -- and enjoy it!