Book Review: Black Ice, by Greg Enslen | JAQUO Lifestyle Magazine

Wow, thanks! A great review of "Black Ice" from the folks over at the online lifestyle magazine JAQUO. Check it out! Here are some excerpts:

"It would appear that when Frank is around, nothing is that simple. Each request is well handled in the novel. At least until the last one. What would you do when serving papers only to find the address is a store rather than a hotel? Do you go home or look further?

In a suspenseful and entertaining plot, author, Greg Enslen, takes us through it. The blend of the stories is as interesting as the plans of a killer, as both are carefully constructed to consider the last detail.

Mr. Enslen has a good handle on the structure of the story, drawing us in closer and closer to see where each clue will lead. Even learning who the killer is fairly early in the story, you will still be pleased to see what happens along the way."

Again, thanks for the great review. I'm hard at work on the third Frank Harper book, "White Lines." Subscribers to my newsletter will find out first about book releases, discounts and beta reading opportunities. Okay, back to work!