Launch Team!

Want to read my books before everyone else--and for free? Join my LAUNCH TEAM, a mailing list for superfans who want to get my books early and help with typos and reviews. How's it work?

A few weeks before a book comes out, I'll send you an alert:

  1. You'll download the free electronic ARC (advanced reader copy) in whatever format you like (Kindle, PDF, Nook, iBook)
  2. Please don't share this link
  3. Read it and send me any typos you might find

When the book is ready for reviews, I'll send you another alert: 

  1. The alert will contain a link to Amazon
  2. You'll post a two-sentence HONEST review on Amazon
  3. The review will need to include language similar to "I'm reviewing this book in exchange for a free advanced copy" or Amazon might delete the review

Sound like fun? Great, then sign up below!

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