Black Ice

Description: "It seemed like a simple job. Ex-cop Frank Harper is back in Cooper’s Mill to spend time with his daughter and grandson, but a bone-chilling winter has settled over the small Ohio town. When a local woman asks him to make a simple delivery, it seems easy enough-until Frank uncovers a possible murder. Now he's searching for a local couple gone missing.  But do the snow and ice conceal a deadly crime, one that may cost Frank everything he holds dear?"

"Black Ice" is the second book in the Frank Harper Mysteries series. Frank's got a lot of problems, but he's also tenacious and headstrong and good at solving crimes. Just don't bring up Hurricane Katrina around him, or hide his bourbon. Titles in the series:

Details: Fiction, published by Gypsy Publications, November 2015. Paperback: 277 pages, ISBN 9781938768613, $14.99.

Amazon Ratings: 

4.3 out of 5 stars on 105 reviews (as of 2/17/19).


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Black Ice is an action packed read about Frank Harper who is a retired policeman. While on his trip to visit his daughter and grandson he gets pulled into several exciting and full of action scenarios. Frank refuses to give up until he fixes the problem or gets his guy. Definitely a great read for anyone who enjoys mystery and action packed stories. The way the story ends I have a feeling we will be hearing more from Frank Harper and I look forward to reading the next one.
— Amazon Reviewer Lisa B.