It takes a while to write a book. Seriously. "The 9/11 Machine" took me over six years, and the first Frank Harper book, "A Field of Red," took two and a half. But I'm getting faster. People ask me all the time, especially at book signings and other events, about what I have in the hopper. I have several projects in the works. And subscribers to "A Murder of Crows" hear about book releases first!

Black Bird

I’m rewriting "Black Bird" for publication this year: This was my first book, and I'm working on finishing up a multi-year rewrite and edit. It's in final review and should be published by summer 2019.

Green-Eyed Monster

I've started "Green-Eyed Monster," the fifth book in the "Frank Harper" series. Yup, Frank is returning soon! This should be out mid-2019.

Welcome to Cooper's Mill

I'm also working on updating the "Welcome to Cooper's Mill" compendium with information from the last few Frank Harper books