"A Field of Red" was selected as one of 50 books shortlisted for the 2015 BookViral Book of the Year Awards. BookViral said "A Field of Red" is "a tour de force of intrigue and edgy noir backdrops, Enslen leads his readers on an unforgettable journey into the heart of darkness with A Field Of Red and it certainly isn’t slow off the mark! A gratifyingly graphic page turner with real depth, Enslen writes with an impeccable eye for detail to deliver a taut, compelling read with a superbly executed plot. There’s a real sense of authenticity here and it comes in the main from Enslen's astute rendering of Frank Harper." (1/1/16, click here for the full review)

May 2015 - "The Ghost of Blackwood Lane" wins Reader's Favorite Book Award

Reader's Favorite lauded the book, giving it their "Readers' Favorite Book Award" in May 2015. Here's an excerpt of the review: "Greg Enslen has created a masterfully interwoven tale of love, loss, greed and hope in The Ghost of Blackwood Lane. Based on the revenge a crime family seeks and the lengths a father goes to in order to protect his son, the story combines psychological, emotional and paranormal elements to bring the players together and resolve the plot. With lively action, realistic dialogue and a quaint view of life in middle-America, the story carries you along through many fascinating twists and turns to an amazing conclusion. Great story! All the pieces blended very well and created a riveting tale." (5/20/15, click here to read full review)

april 2015 - "THE 9/11 machine" places as a READER'S FAVORITE BOOK AWARD finalist

Reader's Favorite lauded the book, which placed as a "Readers' Favorite Book Award" finalist in April 2015. Here's an excerpt of the review: "Dr. Don Ellis is a brilliant quantum physics scientist and widower. After losing his wife and child in the South Tower, he spends the next ten years building a time machine. His intent is apparent — to change the course of history and reanimate his family. That alone would be a fascinating story. Greg Enslen, however, takes that tale to an entirely new level in his Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Alternative History novel, The 9/11 Machine....this is a tale of alternative history, of time machines, and the effects — often disastrous — that changing a timeline can induce. The 9/11 Machine is a great read for all fans of any of the genres I mentioned at the beginning of this review. I, for one, will be reading more of Greg Enslen’s work. (4/23/15, click here to read the full review)

November 2012 - "Black Bird" featured in "The Second Degree" STORY BUNDLE

Featured as part of "The Second Degree Bundle" from StoryBundle. StoryBundle is a way for people who love to read to discover quality indie books written by indie authors. Click here to see the bundle.