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I’m excited to be included in the newest StoryBundle, a unique and low-cost way for people to discover new authors. StoryBundle works by selling a “bundle” of cutting-edge, DRM-free ebooks in a particular genre — and the exciting thing is that you pay what you want for the Bundle!  I’m Greg Enslen, author of three novels and two non-fiction books.

My Books

  • Black Bird,” about the hunt for the most prolific serial killer in history, is included in the StoryBundle and available on in paperback
  • The 9/11 Machine,” about a scientist traveling back in time to stop 9/11 — and attempt to save his family — is available from in paperback and Kindle
  • Tipp Talk 2010 and Tipp Talk 2011, my two non-fiction collections of my newspaper columns, are available from in paperback, and “2010” is available on Kindle
  • The Ghost of Blackwood Lane, about a man experiencing traumatic dreams of a past he cannot remember, will be released by GYPSY PUBLICATIONS in October 2012.

My first book, “Black Bird,” is a featured title in the “Second Degree Bundle” and available for a limited time at a significantly reduced price–and you get several other books as well:

  • Black Bird, by Greg Enslen
  • Dire Means, by Geoffrey Neil
  • Blood Red Turns Dollar Green, by Paul O’Brien
  • Diary of a Small Fish, by Pete Morin
  • The Marinara Murders, by Erik Hanberg

plus two Bonus Titles

  • Project Moses, by Robert Lowe
  • The Saints Go Dying, by Erik Hanberg

From their website:  “Welcome to StoryBundle! You can get seven fantastic ebooks at one low pay-what-you-want price. Our books have no DRM. None. That means you can read them on just about all the devices you own, no matter who makes it. Check out each book by clicking the cover to read a preview and selected reviews. You can also see what people have been saying about us here.”  Plus, they’ve been getting some GREAT press:

What the Internet’s Saying about StoryBundle

“StoryBundle Might Be The Most Interesting Thing To Happen To eBooks Since The iBookstore” – Cult of Mac

“StoryBundle Brings Indie Authors to Readers” – Mashable

“This service, run by former Gizmodo pop star Jason Chen, is one of the cooler offerings out there right now…” – TechCrunch

“Ebook fans in need of new reads have a new friend in StoryBundle.” – ReadWriteWeb

“You have to appreciate the openness of the Story Bundle model when big publishers are constantly disabling features and charging exorbitant sums for ebooks.” –

“StoryBundle Sells Bundled, DRM-Free Indie Ebooks for Whatever You Think They’re Worth” – Lifehacker

“I’m seriously hoping that this is going to precipitate more interest in reading and in indie writers. There’s simply not enough of either going on.” – PC World

Best of all, the bundles are totally DRM-free. – boingboing

“…the strongest feature of the site is the DRM-free nature of the ebooks.” – Good E-Reader

“With literally millions of ebooks available, a bundle service like this is a fantastic way to sort through it all. I’m able to say from the author side, it’s an incredible way to get exposure.” – Sound and Vision Mag (and StoryBundle participant, Geoffrey Morrison)

“Storybundle has an interesting business model that allows readers to set their own pricing…” – Forbes

“New online book publisher StoryBundle is taking a leap of faith with its customer base: Readers get to decide how much to pay.” – Ecommerce Times

“As I’ve ranted before, e-books are seriously overpriced (regardless of publishers’ math to the contrary), and this sort of bundling looks like a win for everyone involved.” – CNET

“The genius part of the StoryBundle project isn’t the pricing, though — it’s the bundling” – Lulu

“So let’s review: Support independent authors. Give a portion of the proceeds to great charities. Set your own price for the whole package. Awesome, right?” – Gear Diary

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